Leather Wristbands

Few accessories are as personal as a wristband.
It's a classic in the most basic sense, dating all the way back to cavemen tying bits of rawhide around their wrists. A shell or bit of bone added a personal statement.
Wide bands have been worn through the ages as wrist armor or to provide support for strength. In more recent times narrow bands have been used to champion causes.
Wide or narrow, earthy or flamboyant - the choices are as varied as the wearer.
Entirely hand crafted of quality leather, these wristbands will break in with wear and become as comfortable and familiar as an old pair of jeans.

The ones pictured here are a very small sampling of my wristbands. Click on the picture captions to see the Etsy listing with more info.
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As always, any inquiries can be made directly by emailing me at aosleather@gmail.com


Flower Border

Little Red Flowers (a Floral Vine variation)


Personalized Bracelets

A larger selection can be viewed in my Etsy shop