Earth Medallions: Stones Set in Leather

The natural appeal of stones cradled by the earthy touch of leather -- a perfect marriage! These are my own unique creation - I call them Earth Medallions; stones set in leather. Crafted from the gifts of our planet, each hand-worked pendant is an artist-marked individual creation and includes a small leather pouch for safekeeping.
I use natural stones, not colorized -- why try to improve on what Nature has already done so well? (They are shaped and polished, some are stabilized for strength, but no artificial colors or patterning have been used on any of these stones!)
inquiries can be made directly by emailing me at aosleather@gmail.com

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Labradorite - SOLD

Chrysanthemum Stone - $38.00

Banded Agate - $38.00

Petoskey Stone - $55.00 

Tiger Eye - SOLD

Tiger Eye - $38.00

Silver Lace Dendritic Onyx - SOLD
Indonesian Fossil Coral - $55.00

Unakite - SOLD

(due to the variable and distinctive nature of stone, these items should all be considered one of a kind - they can sell quite fast. If you hesitated and the one you wanted is gone, please check my Etsy listings for more unique beauties!)

*More selections available at www.aosleather.etsy.com